The vision of 16+1 Youth Forum is to become Eurasian platform for connecting youngleaders from 16+1 member countries and empowering them to take advantage ofunparalleled opportunities that will arise as a result of Europe-China collaboration.

16+1 Youth Forum will bring together the most valuable young talent from 16+1countries and build a platform to cooperate, exchange ideas and to promotedevelopment in a sustainable manner.

Finally, the 16+1 Youth Forum will promoteEurasian collaboration by building lasting partnerships among the participants.


16+1 Youth Forum has several clearly identifiable goals:

  • To assemble youth leaders from various domains (business,entrepreneurship, academia, arts, media, sports, politics, NGOs)
  • To empower young leaders to debate, formulate and share innovativesolutions for the pressing issues of our societies
  • To promote economic collaboration, trade and investments
  • To create bridges among young European and Chinese entrepreneursand investors
  • To facilitate know-how, success stories and role models sharingamong the 16plus1 Youth Forum participants
  • To pursue studies, publish papers and promote collaboration betweenEurope and China, on the principle of openness, inclusiveness andmutual benefit.