Morena was born on March 4th 1987 in Zagreb. After finishing high-school, she studied at Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing where she obtained her Masters degree in Information and Communication Technology. She spent the last year of her studies at Faculdade  de Engenharia in Porto, where she also obtained a Masters degree in the same field.

Throughout her studies she established the Erasmus program in Croatia and the initiative of the EU Commission focused on the development of European identity in all higher education institutions. After establishing and scaling the program in Croatia, she leaves for Brussels at the invitation of the EU Commission, where she oversees the development and implementation of the European platform for connecting students and young graduates with companies. The main goal was to raise popularity for internships, that is try to provide an answer to the increasing unemployment of young people in Europe. Today, the platform is one of the EU Commission crucial tools which is used to implement numerous strategies and initiatives focused on tackling unemployment.

After her Masters studies, she joined the NTH group, a company which develos B2B expert systems where she is in charge of managing projects for the German and Swiss market (Bosch Germany, Pfizer, Merz Pharma). Within the company she lead the development of spin-off projects, a regional mobile advertising network.

At the same time, she joins Sandru Muru at the very beginning of the development of Bellabeat. After the successful development and implementation of the system for tracking pregnancy in several health institutions in Slovenia, Austria and Germany, Bellabeat specialized in developing gadgets and wearable technology products for women of all ages. Bellabeat has won several international awards, including the Shift Conference Reward, and Startupbootcamp Berlin’s award for the most innovative solution. At the Pioneers festival in Vienna, which is one of the biggest technology events in Europe, it won the prestigious Pioneers Startup Challenge among the competition of 700 international startups.

In December 2013, the company was invited to participate in Y Combinator, a prestigious program for young entrepreneurs headed by Paul Graham, one of the most influential people in Silicon valley, according to Forbes.

Morena Šimatić is currently the COO  of Bellabeat and oversees the company’s operations and global sales with the company’s offices in San Francisco, Zagreb and Shenzhen. Bellabeat’s recent products focused on tracking women’s health were followed by numerous world media, such as Bloomberg, Wired, TechCrunch, Forbes, WSJ, Fast Company, Yahoo Tech, Mashable as well as others.