Lien is the South-East Asia Head for McKinsey Centre for Government, with a focus on the consumer, tech and healthcare industries. Most of his consulting career has been in China and South-East Asia, though he just spent 6 months with the Sierra Leone government assisting them in their post-Ebola crisis reconstruction of the healthcare sector.

Previously he spent 14 years in the Singapore Armed Forces as a Commando Officer, where his day job was jumping out of fully-functioning planes (thankfully equipped with a parachute). During his time in the military, he led teams of all sizes, ranging from small units of elite Commando troopers to battalion command of several hundred soldiers. He graduated from US Special Forces training, served as a United Nations Peace-keeper in East Timor, spent a year with the Malaysian Armed Forces and trained with several regional Special Forces. While in MINDEF HQ, he swapped his parachute for a pen and dreamt about innovative disruption, long-term defence strategy and scenario planning.

Outside of work, Lien has a passion for adventure. He has competed in adventure races across 4 continents, summited the two highest mountains in the world (Everest and K2), raced in ultra-marathons in the scorching +50 degree heat of the Gobi desert as well as soloed in the Arctic circle in winter at -50 degrees and skied to the North Pole.

An advocate of life-long learning (or evidence that he didn’t do it right the first time round), Lien has Mathematics degrees from Berkeley and Cambridge, Strategic Studies from the University of Malaya, and an MBA from the London Business School.