He is a former Latvian central banker, prime minister and minister of finance. Einars Repše served as minister of finance in 2009 – 2010 during the toughest period of the financial crisis, and implemented tight fiscal controls, which, among other measures, resulted in Latvia successfully overcoming crisis and showing strong recovery up until now.


  • In 1988, he was one of the founders of the Latvian National Independence Movement
  • In 1991, he became president of Latvia’s central bank and during that period designed a very successful currency reform
  • In 2002, became the Prime Minister of Latvia; his government became known for an outspoken fight against corruption and tax evasion
  • He was Minister of Finance of Latvia from March 2009 to November 2010
  • “Latvia is the new Argentina.” New York Times; Nobel Prize winning economist Paul Krugman, remarked in 2008
  • Krugman turned out to be wrong as the Latvian government successfully implemented structural reforms and internal devaluation process


Political leadership and Change management

  • Latvia’s lessons from the global financial crisis of 2009
  • Latvia’s experience in crisis management
  • How Latvia became the growth leader in Europe? (from -20% GDP decline in 2009 to +5.5% GDP growth in 2013.)