About 16+1

The 16plus1 format is an initiative by the People’s Republic of China aimed atintensifying and expanding cooperation with 11 EU Member States and 5 Balkancountries (Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic,Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Montenegro, Poland, Romania,Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia) in the fields of investments, transport, finance, science,education, and culture. In the framework of the initiative, China has definedthree potential priority areas for economic cooperation: infrastructure, hightechnologies, and green technologies.

The first 16+1 Summit was held in Warsaw, Poland, in 2012. At the event, the PrimeMinister of China announced a comprehensive initiative on cooperation with 16Central and Eastern European countries, entitled China’s Twelve Measures forPromoting Friendly Cooperation with Central and Eastern European Countries,which is the framework document for the 16+1 format.


The 16+1 initiative has established several mechanisms (platforms) to coordinatecollaboration across multiple sectors. These include:

  • Association for the Promotion of Agricultural Cooperation (Bulgaria)
  • CEEC – China Secretariat on Logistic Cooperation (Latvia)
  • China-CEEC Business Council (Poland)
  • Contact Mechanism for Investment Promotion Agencies (Poland)
  • Coordination Maritime Secretariat (Poland)
  • China-CEEC Cooperation in Forestry (Slovenia)
  • Association on transport and infrastructure cooperation (Serbia)
  • China-CEEC Technology Transfer Center (Slovakia)

However, no platform has yet been established to foster collaboration between theYouth leaders from 16+1 countries. We believe that youth are a key stakeholdergroup in the context of 16+1 initiative and youth involvement is necessary inorder to achieve better collaboration, development and prosperity among 16+1countries. In order to better include the youth as a key stakeholder, the first 16+1Youth Forum will take place in Croatia, in May 2019.