Luxembourg School of Business

Created with a goal to provide, promote and advance top quality high-level international business education.

Luxembourg School of Business delivers its goal through innovative teaching methods, actionable entrepreneurial mindset and its world class international faculty.


Based on a specific idea

Modern business education has to provide the student with theoretical background and analytical skills

What students receive

Tell us why do you believe that issue is important to adress and solve

Excellent teachers

Our faculty consists of professors affiliated with institutions such as Harvard, University of Michigan, Duke University, New York University, London Business School, Cambridge, University of St. Gallen, Copenhagen Business School, Bocconi University, Zagreb School of Economics and Management, Sciences Po, HEC Paris, etc...

The power of progress is in education of young professionals who can bring changes

Unique learning enviroment

Luxembourg School of Business is located in the heart of Luxembourg. With state of the art facilities and the most advanced teaching technology. It provides a unique learning environment tailored to maximize the academic experience without hindering the dynamic lifestyle of working professionals.