Why we award top students?

We want to award the most perspective students, provide them with interactive platform for exchanging progressive ideas, knowledge, experience, successful mentors, so one day you will find enough audacity to start your own innovative business ventures and in the process help yourself and your community.

Ask world leader

Ask the world leaders a question about economic, political, business, social or demographic issues facing us today.


Tell us why do you believe that issue is important to adress and solve

Send your CV

Send your question and CV to nebf@zsem.hr

Join the biggest student competition in the CEE region!

Be one of TOP 100 students and win the invitation to the New Europe Business Forum.
The NEBF Challenge is open until April, 3 to any student who is 18 years old or older, enrolled in and attending a college or university at the undergraduate or graduate level.
Finalists will be notified on April, 8.

How are top students selected?

Top students will be selected through global student competition and 100 best students will gain the opportunity to participate at New Europe Business Forum 2019. Students are not able to pay for their ticket, they have to be chosen based on their results.

Competition in 2017.

For NEBF 2017 we've reviewed more than 1200 applications based on the Challenge results, academic excellence and personal context, we have selected 100 finalists from more than 27 countries including United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Portugal, Ireland, Germany, Hungary, Netherlands, Switzerland, Belgium, China, France, India,..
Students will only be able to participate based on the selection process, in other words, purchasing tickets is not possible.